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Alan Davies

Alan Davies

Architect director Manchester
+44 [0]161 828 2200

Alan leads the heritage sector team in our Manchester studio.

He specialises in the conservation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings and the regeneration of historic environments.

He is passionate about bringing underutilised sites and buildings back into use, making them economically viable and creating high quality environments. He applies ‘constructive conservation’ principles, a combination of best practice building conservation and contemporary design, to provide high quality and truly sustainable historic buildings and places.

Alan’s award winning projects include the conservation of an Elizabethan house, now open to the public, and the restoration of early industrial mills and workshops into vibrant mixed-use developments. These projects have received prestigious national awards for conservation and regeneration. He has worked on a number of international projects including the concept design of alterations to the historic GUM retail arcades facing Red Square, Moscow and the conversion of a scheduled historic site in Sichuan Province, China.

He led the teams for the restoration and conversion of the award winning Oldham’s derelict town hall into cinemas and restaurants as well as the repair of Lancaster Castle and its conversion to new uses. Alan is also an expert advisor to an international team preparing the strategic development plan for Yangon, Myanmar - formerly Rangoon, Burma.


Where do you see life in 2050?

Life in 2050 will be lived in a post-industrial environment, in sustainable settlements linked by integrated transport systems. Information technology and telecommunications will change working patterns and continue to improve the quality of life. (I’m an optimist!)


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