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Bruce Kennedy

Bruce Kennedy

Architect director Glasgow
+44 [0]141 227 7900

Bruce is an architect director with experience across a range of sectors including workplace, culture and education.

Bruce’s first responsibility is to ensure that the BDP designed buildings meet our clients’ needs but, in addition, that they make a positive contribution to the built environment, enriching the experience of everyone engaged with them, from building users to the passer-by.

Over the past decade, he has worked on a great variety of projects across all sectors. This has, in turn, introduced him to colleagues from other BDP studios and professions as well as external consultants.

During this period, project procurement has moved steadily toward less confrontational relationships between architect and contractor and the team-working ethos of BDP has provided a good framework against which such partnerships develop naturally.

What will architectural practices of the future be like?

“Design focused.  With an increasing emphasis on procurement of buildings which, first and foremost, are cheap to construct and simple to build, architects must continue to offer innovative and bespoke solutions to improve the function and efficiency of buildings but, more than that, that add joy to the experience of being in our towns and cities. If we can do this, we have a secure and rewarding future.”


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