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Alasdair Travers

Alasdair Travers

Architect Director, Head of Heritage London
T+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Alasdair joined in 2017 to lead BDP’s work in the historic environment, specialising in the conservation, adaptive reuse and creative design of new buildings in sensitive historic settings.

He is leading the Northern Estate Programme, the creative adaptation and conservation of a number of significant Grade I, II* and II listed buildings for the House of Commons, including the Norman Shaw buildings designed originally as the location of New Scotland Yard.

Looking ahead, what will be the key characteristic of life / the industry / your specialism in 2050?

As technology continues to advance with amazing speed, and the lines between digital and physical experience become increasingly blurry, the ability to connect with the human stories in our historic buildings will become increasingly important.