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Philip Ellis

Philip Ellis

Architect Associate Manchester / Leeds
+44 [0]161 828 2200

Philip is a talented designer, with extensive experience in the commercial and mixed use sector, with a particular focus on workplace and retail.

Philip has worked on several commercial and retail projects across the UK, Europe and Asia, with a variety of clients ranging from private developers, public sector bodies and investment organisations. Key roles include design team leader for the recently completed refurbishment of Merrion House Leeds, a BREEAM excellent redevelopment for a local authority, providing flexible office floor area and public facing amenities. Project architect for the master planning and redevelopment of a Historic Stockholm city block, including a mix of retail, office and leisure,  providing in excess of 100,000sqm of mixed use functions. The role includes the strategic masterplanning and development of the scheme alongside and in conjunction with local consultants.

Philip is interested in the development and realisation of a client’s vision at an early stage, bringing experience from delivery to early design development and coordination. Flexibility is key in the development of a design, reacting to both the clients’ aspiration, brief and site constraints. An advocate of BIM Philip led a team to develop a standard level of visual detail for the UK’s governments BIM standards working in conjunction with the ‘National Building Specification’.


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