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Bob Spittle - Retired 2017

Bob Spittle

Principal, Building services engineer London

Bob is a principal and led the BSE profession for 11 years. He has played a major role in many of BDP's most iconic projects.

Bob was engineering director for award-winning projects including BREEAM Outstanding PWC 7 More London, Norwich Research Park, BBC Mailbox, Birmingham and Roche Pharmaceutical Headquarters, Welwyn. He specialises in offices, laboratories and buildings for science and technology and he is currently working on a new global R&D centre and corporate headquarters for a major pharmaceutical company as well as several biomedical laboratories for UCL.

Since 2000 he has grown and integrated the key specialisms of sustainability, lighting and acoustics with the core environmental engineering group and developed them into a highly effective, multi-skilled team.

What’s the most exciting innovation in the industry?

New materials technologies and nanoscience developments hold the promise of producing a generation of exciting, 'high tech' environmentally responsive and energy efficient materials for architects and engineers to work with.

Selectedm R&D and Workplace projects