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Martin Cook - Retired 2017

Martin Cook

Principal, Head of design London

Martin is a principal and profession director for our interiors, product and graphic design groups.

He manages contact with key clients such as British Telecom, University of London and PwC, where he secured a framework to supply the whole range of BDP services.

His educational work on design communication and presentation includes BBC TV appearances and a range of publications. Notable projects include Singapore Treasury, Niketown and the Channel Tunnel.

Together with industry peers Martin has contributed to a 2009 publication “Thriving in the Downturn, A Practical Guide for Architects & Engineers”.

Who or what has been an important influence on your approach to design?

The 1956 Fender Stratocaster. The embodiment of form, function, style, sound, aspiration and quality along with the ability to symbolise the era of its inception and retain the same contemporary desire.


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