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RIBA City Healthcheck

RIBA City Healthcheck - Manchester: Health, Climate and Prosperity

When: Wednesday 24th September 14.30 – 18.00
Where: MMU, Benzie Building, School of Art, All Saints, M15 6BH – Room 403

Chair of the landscape profession, Andrew Tindsley, will join a panel of expert speakers for an RIBA and Manchester: A Certain Future event addressing the collective actions needed to deliver a greener and healthier Manchester.  Andrew will provide a local and international perspective on how placemaking, design and planning can contribute to the health of cities.  His presentation will include the work he and his team have recently completed in Christchurch, New Zealand, masterplanning the regeneration of the Avon River Precinct following the earthquake in February 2011 which devastated the city.

After the presentations delegates will be invited to attend one of three workshops which focus on debating how Manchester will respond to six key actions recently identified by the RIBA City Healthcheck.  The event will close with a plenary review and drinks reception and optional walking tour from 18.00 – 19.00.