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BIM Congress

Alistair Kell When: Wednesday 3rd June
Where: Verkadefabriek, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

IT director Alistair Kell  is a keynote speaker at this year’s National BIM Congress in the Netherlands when he will present on Newforma and BDP’s application of the UK government mandate and NBS BIM toolkit.  In May 2011 the UK Government Construction Strategy was published which announced the government’s intention to require BIM on its projects by 2016. The objectives behind this strategy were to build and operate assets more efficiently in terms of cost, reduce environmental impact and improve UK exports of professional services and construction projects. A 5 year funded programme was developed that would deliver a world-class set of standards and tools and the NBS BIM Toolkit is part of  the Level 2 package which includes a library of thousands of cross-sector construction templates and a unified classification system.  It also includes a free-to-use digital plan of work tool that enables the definition of who is doing what and when throughout a construction project.  BDP has been a major contributor to the introduction of the toolkit which is continuing to develop.