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M:ACF - Design for Climate Change

When: Thursday 1st October 18.00 – 19.30
Where: BDP, 11 Ducie St, Piccadilly Basin, Manchester M1 2JB

Manchester studio’s sustainability team is hosting an evening event with Manchester: A Certain Future to discuss reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change through innovative design solutions.  Four speakers, including environmental engineering director Rob Ferry, will each present followed by a critique and Q&A with a panel of design industry experts including Kate Chapel (Manchester Executive Member for the Environment), John Alker (Head of Policy and Communications at UKGBC) and Manchester studio chairman, Gavin Elliott.  Gavin is also chair of Manchester: A Certain Future and has been instrumental in preparing  the Manchester Green Infrastructure Strategy document, along with Manchester City Council, Countryscape and Eftec, which was approved at the City Council Executive earlier this year.

The evening is aimed at anybody with an interest in designing or delivering projects for climate change and, following the presentations, there will be refreshments and an opportunity to network and share knowledge.  To reserve tickets for this free event please use the link below.