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Manchester: A Certain Future

When: 12th – 13th October
Where: BDP, 11 Ducie Street, Piccadilly Basin, Manchester, M1 2JB

Head of Sustainability Steve Merridew will act as host for a two day meeting in Manchester, organised by the Canal & River Trust for its European research partners.  The Canal & River Trust is a charitable trust that was set up to look after the waterways of England and Wales and it is currently involved in an EU funded research project to look at how the multi-functionality of regional canals and rivers adds value to the cultural heritage of a landscape.  The British case study will focus on the local Rochdale Canal.

Steve is acting as host in his capacity as chair of Manchester: A Certain Future’s Green and Blue Infrastructure.  BDP’s Manchester studio has been instrumental in preparing the Manchester Green Infrastructure Strategy document, along with Manchester City Council, Countryscape and Eftec, which was approved at the City Council Executive earlier this year.