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Archetypes of Night

When: Thursday 20th July 18.00 – 21.00
Where: Marshalls Design Space, 4 Compton Courtyard, 40 Compton St, London EC1V 0BD

Lighting director Colin Ball will present Archetypes of Night: Our Lost Stellar Environment for the latest in the How to be Brilliant series organised by the Institution of Lighting Professionals. These free events are aimed specifically at students, interns, apprentices and newcomers to the lighting profession and feature experts presenting a wide variety of topics in a fun, informal and relaxed setting.

Colin will look at how aspects of current physics are transforming our relationship with the night sky as powerfully as modern lighting is removing it. Centuries ago our relationship with mythic aspects of our deep psyche was triggered on a regular basis and culture was born from the desire for humans to represent themselves as stars. The roots of architecture are founded in sacred sites aligned to the sky and Colin will explain how the lighting work we do has a direct impact on this ancient relationship and what we should do to reconsider the value and meaning of light.

The talk will be followed by complimentary drinks and tickets can be booked here.


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