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FX Design Seminar

WHEN: Wednesday 19th April
WHERE: BDP, 16 Brewhouse Yard, London EC1V 4LJ

Head of sustainability Philip Gray has been invited to join an FX design seminar on the subject of energy/waste/environment and life cycle assessment. Chaired by editorial director, Theresa Dowling, an expert panel of designers and key collaborators will consider the impact of recycling, upcycling, energy consumption and all forms of sustainability on the construction and design process.

This informal round table discussion aims to discuss how awareness of environmental issues has increased dramatically over the last 30 years to influence government policy and asks whether there is a moral and ethical responsibility for designers to deliver a holistic solution to waste management if given freedom by their clients and developers. The key points resulting from this seminar will be reported in a substantial feature in a future issue of FX magazine.