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Healthy City Design

When: 15th – 16th October
Where: Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Place, London NW1 4LE

Healthcare associate Adam Park will present with head of healthcare Andrew Smith on the first day of the Healthy City Design conference at the Royal College of Physicians. The theme of the conference is designing for equity and resilience to create healthy cities and Adam and Andrew will present their paper on multigenerational masterplanning for wellbeing in new housing-led developments. Research has shown that as people age the role of the home and neighbourhood becomes more significant in supporting quality of life and wellbeing and that new housing developments will increasingly need to incorporate the needs of an older population. The paper, which is co-authored by directors Max Martin and Stephen Marshall, will demonstrate how downsizer housing and retirement and specialist housing can be integrated into sustainable developments. Adam and Andrew will report on how wellbeing frameworks have been employed in the masterplanning and design process and illustrate with case studies including current projects at Lowfield Green with City of York Council and Sheerwater with Woking Borough Council and Thameswey Developments.