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European Healthcare Design

When: 17th - 19thJune
Where: Royal College of Physicians, London

BDP is a bronze sponsor of this year’s European Healthcare Design conference on the theme of blurring the boundaries and designing place-based health systems. Head of healthcare, Andrew Smith, will chair Session 4 on the first day, Beyond the Hospital, with speakers Richard Darch (Archus), James Crispino and Richard Tyson (Gensler) and Chris Smith (Maplewood Healthcare) who will discuss the development of hospitals to health campuses and place-based access to care and research.

Architect director Dominic Hook will present on the second day in Session 22, Designing for Cancer Care, talking about designing for cancer research and personalised treatment in personalised places.

We are also proud to be supporting the popular conference garden party which will be held on Tuesday 18th June in the medicinal gardens of the Royal College of Physicians. Full details of all sessions can be found in the conference programme below.