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Gingerbread City

When: 7th December – 5th January
Lancaster Rooms New Wing, Somerset House, London

A team from our London studio has designed and built one of the exhibits for this year’s Gingerbread City at Somerset House. This annual exhibition is curated by the Museum of Architecture and aims to connect the public with architecture through a fun and innovative display featuring an entire city of over 100 buildings crafted from gingerbread by architects, engineers and designers.

This year’s city explores the theme of transport and our design creates a Palace of Light to illustrate how heritage buildings can be readapted and restored for a greener future and how making them more sustainable is an important part of their historical preservation. For the exhibition we have adapted the historic palace of Gingerbread City into a solar tower, transferring reflected sunlight into clean energy for the entire city. Positioned at the city’s highest point, the palace is now a central hub for a zero carbon transportation system which uses electric drone taxis and bikes docked at charging trees. The new elements on a green roof and solar tower are clearly defined using a timber waffle structure to separate them from the old.

The exhibition is open daily and further details on opening times and booking tickets are in the link below.