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Stephen Redfern Cycles to Cannes

Stephen Redfern, Director at BDP’s Manchester studio, is the only representative from the North who will be taking on the six day, 1500km charity cycling endurance event from London to Cannes for MIPIM 2009.

Each rider will cover a minimum of 100km per day at an average speed of 15 -17mph with potentially bitterly cold weather and thick fog to cope with through northern France in early March.

Stephen, who will be cycling to MIPIM for the first time this year, said; “I know it’s going to be a big challenge, but it's one that I’m fully prepared for. Being the only rider from the north signed up at the moment means any support from regional companies, colleagues and friends in the property industry would be very much appreciated - we can't let the south win!”

Each rider is asked to raise a minimum of £3,000 for a range of charities, with the overall target for the Cycle2Cannes charity event being £400,000. This will then be donated to five charities.

In addition to cycling to Cannes for charity, Stephen’s passion for cycling is also aligned with his concern for the environment. An active supporter of the TIF bid, Stephen chooses to cycle in to work to substantially reduce carbon emissions. BDP’s sustainable studio at Piccadilly Basin has full facilities for active cyclists and their efforts to provide facilities for cyclists, along with their location next to a transport hub has reduced their car parking requirements by 50.

Stephen has been preparing for the cycle to Cannes by:

  • regularly cycling the 37 mile ( 60km ) round trip from Knutsford to Manchester, through the dark wet winter months – now up to 250 miles (400km) a week ( and lost ½ stone in weight )
  • taking every opportunity to take his bike to business meetings and cycle home afterwards – e.g. Birmingham to  Crewe 63miles ( 100km ), over the Pennines Sheffield to Knutsford via Buxton 55 miles ( 90km )
  • aiming for 100 miles ( 160km ) / day and to raise £5,000

Stephen continued; “Cycling to MIPIM massively reduces the carbon footprint for my trip (one person’s share of an average round-trip flight within Europe generates 0.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases and would require five trees to absorb the carbon emissions) but yes I am flying back. Cycling one way will be quite sufficient!”