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BDP Wins Two New Masterplanning Projects in Kerala

BDP has been selected to masterplan a convention centre complex and an Edu-Health City on two separate sites in South India.

The projects are part of the government’s initiative via a PPP agency INKEL to create an environment for overall growth of various economic sectors and to develop world class infrastructure in the state of Kerala colloquially described as ‘God’s Own Country’.

Manisha Bhartia, BDP’s  India studio leader for urbanism, described the appointment as “a unique opportunity to create an inspiring international place for learning and research and an iconic centre for global business in one of the most verdant and beautiful states of India”.

The Edu-Health City is proposed for Malappuram, which means literally ‘top of the hill’. The project aims to integrate within one campus and one management the facilities of medical care and teaching as well as research and development. It will also explore the possibility of integrating knowledge of traditional and alternative medicine with modern medicine, through the means of scientific research.

The Convention and Exhibition Centre complex is proposed for Ernakulam, a district of Cochin fast developing as a international business and trade centre. The project aims to capture an existing market of IT and workplace hubs located around the site and provide world class support facilities for various businesses.

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