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Work begins at National Army Museum

Major structural work has begun at the National Army Museum in London. BDP was appointed in 2012 for the comprehensive refurbishment of the 1970s building.

The museum houses the national collections of the Land Forces of the Crown, and receives in excess of 270,000 visitors a year. It is seeking to bring its collection and expertise to a wider audience through the substantial re-ordering of its existing building, creating physical and intellectually accessible environments together with the provision of new visitor facilities, education spaces, research accommodation and retail & café spaces.

BDP’s design includes re-organising the public realm and the entrance to the building, creating a stronger identity within the streetscape, and re-ordering the interior to create an atrium space which visually and physically links all floor areas and opens up views into and out of the museum.

During August this year, all collection items and staff were safely relocated in their new homes away from the main museum to enable the major building works to begin.

You can follow the redevelopment and see more images on the museums blog, Building for the Future.


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