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BDP adopts Islington girls' school

BDP is proud to be a sponsor of the exciting Class of Your Own 'Adopt a School' scheme, and has adopted the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School for girls in London. Through this scheme, we will be helping their students to achieve a Level 1 qualification in Design Engineer Construct with practical experience including training in specialist BIM software and work experience. With disappointing statistics for women and young people in construction in Britain, we’re pleased to help to address not only a wider youth skills shortage but also the gender gap by supporting this school for girls.

The COYO scheme was created in 2014 as part of the new Design Engineer Construct curriculum. It provides a platform for industry to take the lead in bridging professional skills gaps in the construction industry and inspire more young people to choose this career path by inviting companies to "adopt" a school. This entails collaborating with the school to create a course that will raise awareness of the relevant career paths and help young people to achieve the qualifications required to fill the gaps in the industry.

We already have a good relationship with this school as we were responsible for the architecture, structural and environmental engineering and landscaping for the new school building which opened in 2012. We are looking forward to building on this relationship and encouraging and nurturing the young female designers and engineers of tomorrow