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Pavilion designers meet UK Prime Minister

Two designers from BDP were invited to the UK Pavilion at the Milan Expo on 17 June to present the scheme to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, and the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Also present was UK Minister for Trade and Investment, Lord Maude of Horsham.

Architect director Mark Braund and landscape architect associate James Millington were the first to be introduced to the prime ministers, and spent some time discussing the design of the scheme along with the UKTI pavilion director. The reception then moved up to the roof terrace within the hive, where they were presented again as part of the wider team.

Both prime ministers were highly complimentary about the project and congratulated the whole team for delivering an amazing project.

The event was part of the UK’s National Day at Milan Expo 2015 which is a series of cultural and business events designed to inform and entertain international visitors about what the UK has to offer the world, especially in sustainable urbanisation. The Prime Minister and his delegation were there to meet with UK and international businesses at the Expo.

As well as celebrating UK National Day, co-incidentally the 500,000th visitor was welcomed to the pavilion on the same day, putting it in the top five most visited pavilions in the whole Expo.

The event was followed on twitter using the hashtag #UKNationalDay and more images can be seen on our facebook page.