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PwC Edinburgh wins National BCO Award

PwC Edinburgh was announced as the national winner of the Fit Out of Workplace category at the BCO (British Council for Offices) awards on 6 October in London. BDP was the interior designer for the project.

The BCO awards programme provides public recognition for top quality design and functionality and a benchmark for excellence in workplaces.

The award citation states: "The well designed fit out has provided a coherent mix of locations to create a single and unified workspace. Atria One provides a physical example of PWC’s mission statement 'Together: one firm, one space, one future.'

This project acts as a benchmark for business on how to design well considered and resolved accommodation perfectly suited for its staff and visitors. The local team was consulted extensively on what they would like to see included in the design and how they would like to use the space. Their thoughts and suggestions have been incorporated into the final outcome and they have therefore bought into the resultant space and have taken ownership of it.

There is a fantastic blend of fixed workstations, break out areas, quiet rooms and meeting space. The management systems employed ensure that all the varied space is utilised efficiently and effectively. This has meant that its Edinburgh office now sits comfortably amongst PWC's exemplar collection of UK workplaces."

BDP and PwC have had success together at the BCO awards before, winning a regional award last year for a fit out scheme in Norwich. In 2011 they won a national award for a fit out scheme in Glasgow, and 7 More London won the National Innovation Award in 2012.


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