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BDP supports Limerick’s European Capital of Culture Bid

The Dublin studio was proud to support the city of Limerick in its bid to be European Capital of Culture 2020 with a proposal for a new city library and cultural centre.

The landmark project, overlooking the River Shannon in the centre of the city, would be the city’s most inclusive and accessible social, cultural, economic and educational space.

The plans will utilise an existing two-storey former shopping centre and transform it into a striking four-storey building with a large rooftop terrace with river views that will become a new gathering place for the city.

The 9,000sqm centre includes a hybrid multi-purpose event space incorporating large-scale digital resources, an exhibition area, learning spaces, social spaces, group work areas and a central library.

It will act as a powerful cultural and social hub serving over 100,000 people, and will play a pivotal role in strengthening community identity and promoting civic participation, assisting business and supporting job skills and combatting educational disadvantage through the promotion of literacy and community lifelong learning.

The European Capital of Culture initiative has been running for over 30 years and provides an excellent opportunity to regenerate cities, boost tourism and breathe new life into a city’s culture.