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Planning for Central London School

We have won planning permission to build a Centre for Creative Learning for Francis Holland School, a leading independent girls' school in Sloane Square, Central London. The project unlocks a dark corner of the school’s unique conservation area setting by eking out a partly subterranean space to house a pavilion and rooftop garden, carefully designed to nestle sensitively within its domestic scale setting.

Our vision combines attractive garden spaces at first floor level with informal learning in the space below, which will offer opportunities for independent study and group work and will provide a distinctive and comfortable area for pupils to sit and read.

The plans also include a three-storey extension to the existing school comprising a performing arts space, ICT lab and refurbishment of the current library to create a flexible, social and collaborative space.

Project architect, Deborah Dix said “it has been great working with such a vibrant and progressive school to deliver the highest standards of teaching and learning for all ages. The development of Francis Holland School provides an example of how intelligent design can be used to maximise efficient and effective space.”

The project is set to start on site this summer in readiness for the following academic year.


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