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Meadow Lane Housing, Nottingham

BDP has submitted plans for the first phase of the Meadow Lane development for Elevate Property Group. The application is for 95 residential units within Nottingham’s Waterside Regeneration Area.

The £15m scheme will regenerate a disused industrial area along Meadow Lane, adjacent to the River Trent. The development comprises a good mix of residential typologies including houses, apartments, innovative micro duplexes and retail units.

Forming a key part of the local council’s vision for the Waterside Regeneration Area the development has been designed to provide a new public promenade along the river for pedestrians and cycles. Intermediate routes through the site then link back to Meadow Lane opening up the river frontage to the public.

Pocket parks have been inserted along the new promenade and help to break up the building massing along the river. They provide open spaces for local residents and visitors who can enjoy the river view.

The buildings have all been designed with a clear set of guidelines for the materials, massing and fenestration, providing a unifying palette for the development and the varying typologies within it.

Work is anticipated to start in early 2018, following planning approval.


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