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Spirit of Castlefield

Landscape architects Emily Beedham and Darrell Wilson have been working with the Castlefield Forum to develop a masterplan for the Roman Gardens off Liverpool Road in Castlefield, Manchester. The design significantly upgrades the public realm creating an inspiring place that welcomes residents and visitors.

A significant part of this project is to create a piece of public art that captures the spirit of Castlefield and becomes a defining feature of the Roman Gardens, Castlefield’s historic green space. In partnership with the Castlefield Forum, Manchester City Council and Smiling Wolf, we’re helping to design a timeline that spans the length of the path that follows the route of the original Roman road.

Carol Middleton, Chair of the Forum says, “Rather than relying on history books alone, we want as many points as possible on our timeline to come from people who have a personal or family connection to the area. We’d love you to share your memories, family stories, facts and local knowledge to help shape the contents of the piece.”

If you would like to get involved you can take a short survey on Survey Monkey or you can share your stories, photographs and memories here.

Join the conversation #spiritofcastlefield.


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