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BDP Architect on RIBAJ Rising Star Cohort

An architect associate from BDP’s Birmingham studio is one of this year’s RIBA Journal Rising Stars. Kieren Majhail joins the winning cohort of nine emerging architects who focus incredible innovation and invention on what they see as the pressing problems of the day.

The judges said: “Kieren Majhail radiates force and energy. She has used her role in BDP’s Birmingham studio to engage with construction and government at a regional level.”

They were particularly impressed with her organisation of two key conferences this year, securing top speakers and sponsors which led one to comment further “she is a diligent industry professional.”

Chair of Birmingham studio, Dan Smyth, who was Kieren’s referee, describes her as a highly motivated and committed architect who relentlessly endeavours to promote collaboration within BDP and externally.

Kieren says: “I’m a young architect, mother of two, from a British Asian working class background – not really your typical architect. I’m happy to disrupt the norm to innovate, modernise and help push our industry to challenge stereo­types. We need to learn more about diversity from progressive industries in order to move forward and be relevant.”