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Planning Granted For Manchester Biomedical Scheme

BDP has secured planning permission for a new £150m biomedical centre in Manchester for The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

Recommending the proposals for approval, city council planning officers said that BDP had produced a high quality design that would deliver a facility that benefitted the entire region.

An interdisciplinary team from BDP designed the ten storey, 25,000 sqm cancer research centre which includes laboratory and research space, along with consultant workspace. There will also be a reception, cafe, facilities management, and publically accessible exhibition space on the ground floor, along with new public realm fronting the building.

The ambition is for the building to become one of the world’s top centres for cancer research and The Christie is working with University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK who will occupy the building with their consultants and research staff.

The existing building was ravaged by a fire in 2017 which left it unusable. Its demolition is currently underway and completion of the new building is planned for 2022.

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