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Human Space wins Community Influencer of the Year award

Human Space, a division of our Toronto studio Quadrangle, took home the Community Influencer of the Year award at this year’s Business Excellence Awards hosted by the Toronto Region Board of Trade, held on 6 November.

The Community Influencer of the Year award recognises companies that demonstrate a long-term desire to build diverse, inclusive and balanced communities. The Community Influencer of the Year has made a sustainable and tangible impact in the community, and it is clear that social responsibility is an integral part of the business’ strategy and success.

Human Space is a specialist consulting service that provides expertise in the areas of accessibility, universal design, wellness, social resilience and community engagement. The team works with a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors, helping placemakers create human-centered built environments.

Quadrangle was also nominated for a Business Excellence Award and was a finalist in the Talent Magnet of the Year category.