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Monica Zhang

Monica Zhang

Urbanism Associate Shanghai
+86 [0]21 6196 2500

Monica joined BDP in 2014 and is the urbanism team leader in Shanghai. She has worked in China, Hong Kong and the USA and understands the international urbanism trend as well as specific local requirements.

She has over 10 years experiences leading multidisciplinary urban design and planning teams focusing on complex masterplanning projects, city scale strategic developments, and sustainable urban regeneration.

Monica has an architectural background and her dual knowledge and understanding has been beneficial to  ensure planning concepts are carried through to full development.

Looking ahead, what will be the key characteristic of industry in 2050?

Urban regeneration will gradually take place of blank land development in major cities of China and become the main trend. How to sustainably develop the land, respect the site context, build up the distinguishing characters for different places and encourage the public involvement in the masterplan design process are the main issues need to be taken care of.


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