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Qibing Jiang

Qibing Jiang

Associate Shanghai
+86 [0]21 6196 2500

Qibing, 1st class RA, joined BDP in 2014 and is the team leader mostly in charge of architectural design projects and urban design.

Education experience in UK and rich exchange experience in Germany, Japan, Australia and etc. gave him the international horizontal as well as a deep understanding of vernacular culture.

His projects’ experience ranges from office to retail; from large span structure to super high-rise tower. The international education and work experience guarantees an advanced design philosophy. His main works are Zhengzhou CSCEC Plaza, Chengdu Concert Hall Competition, Zhangjiang Sci-City, Xiamen Tower and etc.

He is also active in social practice, such as being invited as a tutor in Tongji University for his rich BIM experience and being voted as the committee of Shanghai Youth Federation.

Qibing Jiang - 1st Class Registered Architect of China; Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of PRC. China Engineer Professional Title.

What will architectural/design practice look like in future?

When the globalization has been statemented as failure, the consciousness of vernacularism lighten the path of design future, especially in China where have such rich culture heritage.