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Brewhouse Yard


Location Client Completion Awards
Clerkenwell, London BDP 2003 1

Project details

Creation of a new studio environment in a late 19th century brewery building.

The spatial concept was simple; create a studio environment to support and encourage teamwork and innovation.

Two fundamental principles were adopted; there are no private offices, and all professional staff work on large format team platforms.

Clients often choose to arrive early for meetings so that they can enjoy the environment and work in the excellent facilities

Martin Cook, Chair of Design


  • create a studio environment for BDP’s creative staff
  • employ all the new ways of working we advocate for our clients including no cellular offices even for the top directors
  • preserve the character of 130 year-old building


  • the studio environment supports and encourages teamwork and innovation
  • the large main ‘hub’ space on the ground floor is so successful as a social meeting space that outside organisations are queueing up to use it

Integrated services

architecture, interior design, environmental engineering, structural engineering, lighting