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Gødstrup Hospital Masterplan


Location Client Completion
 Denmark Region Midtjylland competition 2011

Project details

Our proposal seeks to bring a human scale into a very large facility within a greenfield site. It is highly specific to its site, responding to its micro-climate, topography, community, culture and history.

We created a contrast between identity of the acute reception and the clusters whilst maintaining a high degree of flexibility between wards. Each cluster has an individual expression, which appears as separate buildings and creates a sense of individual identity.

The proposed design will achieve complete separation of public, patient, staff and logistic flows, with a very flexible, elegant skeleton of circulation which will allow the hospital to accommodate many changes of departmental function and location through the design period and life of the building without any loss of coherence in the circulation rationale.


  • competition entry for the new 150,000m2 Gødstrup Hospital Masterplan in Region Midtjylland


  • a large scale hospital with a human feel
  • a highly visible and accessible building in a landscaped setting

Integrated services

architecture,landscape architecture