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Kiev Hospital for Mothers and Children


Location Client Cost Completion Awards
Kiev, Ukraine Charitable Fund Children’s Hospital of the Future n/a 2009 1

Project details

A 250 bed children’s hospital in a forest setting.

A highly sustainable, naturally ventilated, building which aims to achieve exemplary status in terms of carbon emissions and is sympathetic to the site in a natural forest habitat.

The new building separates the treatment and diagnostic areas from the ward areas and buries the former block beneath an extensive  reinforced concrete and landscaped ‘green’ roof so that it merges with the forest floor.

The ward blocks are inspired by the Ukrainian tradition of the ‘dacha in the woods’, re-interpreted within a modernist aesthetic.


  • a multipurpose child treatment and prevention institution with highly specialised and the most technologically advanced facilities
  • to improve the health of children and mothers as an important component of Ukraine’s social and economic potential


  • the design aims to respect and work with the forest to preserve its unique atmosphere
  • reassuring and accessible for children
  • it has already been dubbed The Enchanted Hospital
  • Bentley Be Inspired Award 2009