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Linate Airport Shopping


Location Client Completion
Milan, Italy West LB/Barclays Capital Design completed 2003

Project details

Elliptical two level shopping mall where the lower level is sunk into a ‘crater’ and covered by a roof garden with terraces and fountains.

The upper level is a partial ellipse with swooping zinc and glazed roof, and sloping glazed wall parallel with the 300m line. A further dimension of the design is the inner elliptical building contained within the outer ellipse.


  • design of 50,000 m2 shopping centre to serve Milan Linate Airport within tight constraints arising from proximity to airfield
  • construction within 300 metres from airport must be below ground level; beyond this line building heights restricted to 6m height rising on a 2% slope


  • a striking imaginative design response to very onerous site constraints

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