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Shivalik Tourism Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion
Ranjit Sagar Lake, Pathankot, Punjab, India PUNJAB INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT BOARD (PIDB) & SDTDB Shivalik Tourism Development Board 124 hectares 2016 - Masterplan completion

Project details

We were commissioned by the Punjab Government to masterplan a 300 acre site, for developing a state-of- the- art tourism destination around the famous Ranjit Sagar Lake in Punjab, India. The site comprises ten parcels of land around the lake, two of which are islands. The aim of the master plan was to create a destination for tourist facilities with multiple anchors and attractions to, draw visitors from a wide region.

The site is ecologically very sensitive, and the masterplan approach preserves natural features and vegetation on site, takes into account coastal flooding constraints and creates low impact developments that are connected to each other. The lake forms the main focus, both through placing built form to allow expansive views across the lake and physically connecting the ten sites through water routes. The built form takes inspiration from lakeside towns in northern Italy, while creating its own unique character based on the local vernacular Himalayan architecture.


  • create a sustainable cluster of leisure, entertainment and residential facilities with distinctive multiple anchors. A masterplan that responds to eco tourism policy and aspires to become a beacon of sustainable and eco sensitive development


  • development control regulations and strategies for creating an eco tourism destination
  • unique leisure destination that responds to the sensitive eco system of the Himalayas
  • the masterplan creates the ambience of a traditional Himalayan village set amidst spectacular views of the lake comprising a number of premium eco resorts and nature appreciation zones
  • the main attractions  include an amusement and theme park, village style retail and entertainment centre with a wide choice of Lakeview hotels and villas, family resorts offering a wide range of sporting activities, a luxury resort cum spa, convention centre and golf club and resort for business functions

Integrated services

masterplanning, urban design, landscape architecture