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Smart City Proposals


Location Client Completion
Udaipur, Kakinada, Jalandhar, Mangalore Ministry of Urban Development & ULB 2016

Project details

We were appointed as a part of a consortium to assist in the preparation of the smart city proposals for four cities. The Smart Cities Challenge was a competition for municipal leaders and their partners to promote economic opportunities, improve governance, and produce smart solutions for urban residents. The entire process of design included extensive local stakeholder involvement and the project aimed to create a baseline for the city, identify a vision, pan city proposals, area based development and smart solutions for the city.


  • support local urban local bodies to create a vision for their city
  • identify key area based development projects


  • out of the 100 cities, BDP's proposals for Udaipur and Kakinada were selected for the first round of delivery (Top 20) and Mangalore and Jalandhar were selected in the next round (Top 50)

Integrated services

urban design, masterplanning