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NATS En Route Control Centre


Location Client Cost Completion Awards
Swanwick, Hampshire, UK National Air Traffic Service, Civil Aviation Authority £350m 1997 2

Project details

A leading-edge, flagship development.

Alongside the operational facilities the centre incorporates offices, a restaurant, medical centre, conference and library facilities, and a multi-purpose hall.

The concept was developed on 'loose fit' principles, to facilitate up to four major refits of equipment and systems within a 40-year lifespan without causing operational disruption.

Built on an ecologically sensitive site, nature conservation was a strong theme of the total site design.


  • operational facilities to accommodate 800 air traffic controllers and support staff
  • provide a 40% increase in capacity for the en route phase of flights across English and Welsh airspace


  • the largest and most technologically advanced air traffic control centre in the world
  • a major investment programme for UK air traffic services for many years to come
  • specialised award winning internal and external lighting scheme

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture, structural engineering, environmental engineering, acoustics, lighting