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Margaret McMillan Park, Deptford


Location Client Cost Size Completion Awards
Deptford, London, UK London Borough of Lewisham £800 1ha April 2010 1

Project details

The transformation of Margaret McMillan Park in the London Borough of Lewisham, aims to increase the use and enjoyment of the park.

Prior to the North Lewisham Links programme, the park primarily operated as a popular commuter route with strong links to both New Cross and Deptford rail stations. Now with improved entrances and reconfigured paths, it can be enjoyed as a destination instead of a thoroughfare. The stronger connections to the town centre were improved with lighting, seating and signage encouraging people to use the space during the evening as well as the daytime. The history and tribute to Margaret McMillan was elegantly represented with sculptures at one of the entrances.

The former playground has become part of the park and enhanced with natural play items including boulders, stepping stones, reclaimed logs and improved planting.


  • a place for local residents and workers to meet and socialise
  • encourage visitors to slow down and use the space for enjoyment


  • a revitalised park for people that is attractive and inviting
  • an improved network of footpaths interspersed with a series of meeting points
  • Civic Trust award for Community Recognition (2010)

Integrated services

landscape architecture