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The Dublin Dental Hospital and School


Location Client Cost Completion
Dublin, Ireland Dublin Dental School & Hospital €£10m 1998

Project details

BDP has completed a three phase redevelopment of the 6,000m² Dublin Dental Hospital. Phase I involved the relocation of the main services compound, together with major site infrastructure re-routing to make way for the next two phases. Phase II consisted of the construction of a new extension and atrium.

Phase III was the refurbishment of the existing Victorian building, which is linked to the new extension via the atrium. Major clinical facilities are located in the new building and the teaching facilities in the old building including a library and tiered lecture theatre.

The redevelopment brought together a number of functions previously carried out by medical institutions throughout the city. Central supply and sterilisation departments, radiology, theatre and accident and emergency clinics, as well as a full production laboratory, now support the hospital.


  • to provide state of the art facilities for dental care and training
  • energy efficient design solutions


  • an excellent example of integrated design, with architectural and engineering elements performing multiple roles. Examples of this include the stainless steel columns around which open plan clinics are set out – these columns are also displacement ventilation ducts and terminals. The coffered ceilings over the clinics conceal the engineering services but also act as light reflectors and provide areas of thermal mass to absorb heat gains

Integrated services

environmental engineering, sustainability