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Riyadh Metro


Location Client Completion
Saudi Arabia Ariyadh ADH New Mobility 2013 proposal

Project details

The new stations vary in complexity and size and typically integrate some retail facilities as part of the station unpaid areas. The larger Interchange stations also create major opportunities for significant areas of covered retail as well as effective multi-modal interchanges for bus and car.

The station designs each adopt a canopy concept which has been tailored for the various typologies. The canopy design incorporates a range of sustainable principles in order to respond to the extreme heat. The designs also incorporate a significant proportion of photovoltaic cells which create shade below as well as on-site renewables.


  • create an entirely new public transport network across 6 lines
  • provide 75km of track and served by 72 new passenger stations and 8 major interchange stations


  • a fundamental investment to provide a growing population with a safe, clean and sustainable alternative to the car
  • a modern design approach which embraces local tradition and culture

Integrated services

masterplanning, architecture