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Nirlon Knowledge Park Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion Awards
Mumbai, India Nirlon Limited, India 9 hectares design 2007–ongoing, realisation 2008–ongoing 4

Project details

Nirlon Ltd, previously a manufacturer of synthetic fibres, has its head office at Goregaon, located in western Mumbai. After all production activities were stopped in mid 2004, the owners decided to redevelop this strategically located site as an IT park.

BDP Khandekar was asked to develop a concept for this transformation. To develop the total concept BDP Khandekar worked in coordination with EDS from New Delhi with regards to sustainability and energy efficiency.

The location is exceptionally well connected and is accessible by car, train and air transport. The central concept was the transformation of the area into an IT park benefiting from excellent, direct connections to the outside world, while at the same time creating a restful enclave, a respite from the hectic city beyond. In the design, three building zones were situated around a central park zone. The building blocks could be subdivided into 2-5 units. In this way flexibility was built into the development plan, enabling the developers to react to fluctuating market demands.

The primary quality of the design was in the central park zone. Because the open public space was envisioned as a special place which also functions to bind the building zones together, the influence of how the buildings around it should be visualised, became less important. This central open space works as a focus of activity and quality, and by creating a ring road beyond the ring of buildings, the central park becomes car-free. Parking is placed under the buildings and the park creeps onto the roof of the car parking resulting in interesting design solutions. Pockets between buildings open up to give a view of the park within.

During the development of the site, some of the old buildings have been retained and re-used, strengthening the historical context and the identity of the place.


  • masterplan to transform former factory site
  • detailed landscape solution for 9 ha site


  • flexible and sustainable high quality business space
  • an urban oasis and restful enclave from the nearby city
  • one of the first campuses of this scale in India to achieve Gold standard LEED certification
  • awards: International Property Award (Best Commercial Renovation/ Redevelopment - Asia Pacific Region) 2012, India’s Smart Living Award (Best Corporate Space, Best Green Project and Safest Project) 2011

Integrated services

urban design, landscape architecture