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Spoorzone Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion
Tilburg, the Netherlands city of Tilburg and Volker Wessels 16 hectares design 2010-ongoing, realisation started 2014

Project details

In the spring of 2011 BDP Khandekar, in close cooperation with the city of Tilburg and project developer Volker Wessels, completed the masterplan for the former railyard in Tilburg. The railyard area is located next to the main rail artery that cuts the city of Tilburg in half. The largest portion of the project area entails the transformation of the NS-railyard, where for more than a century and a half, trains were assembled and repaired. The closed character of this industrial complex has resulted in a barrier to the continuity of the urban fabric, and a purely single aspect development of the train station. Another part of the project area bears witness to a history of large, religious health care institutions, with a number of old buildings including a small monastery. A new, centrally situated tree lined avenue will connect both parts with the ring road around the centre of Tilburg. The masterplan aims to maintain the particular character of the area, while at the same time providing new connections and relations with the city.

Integrated services

urban design, overall design supervision, landscape architecture