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Veenderij Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion
Veenendaal, the Netherlands OVO 44 hectares with 1000 dwellings design 2010, realisation starting 2015

Project details

BDP Khandekar won a competition for Veenderij, a masterplan for 1060 residential units on a site of approximately 44 hectares at Veenendaal, 40 km south of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The site is unusual for a rural setting due to the presence and use of water, and the existing small scale neighbourhoods on the islands. The urban design vision for the site is to ensure that all residents have maximum benefit from the naturally water-rich environment.

The concept for Veenderij is based upon a hierarchical water structure. At the heart of the development is a lively centre with apartments and a square on the water with jetties and wooden bridges. Islands are grouped around this, nearly all of which feature open public spaces on the waterfront. Broad waterways link Veenderij with its surrounding landscape.

Smaller water channels separate the islands and the various informal neighbourhoods from each other. To the south there are a few densely built up islands with housing facing the water, separated by the areas of water-rushes (grass zones). Water has a dominant presence in the Veenderij, residents can sail directly from their back yards, and even go ice-skating in winter.

All neighbourhoods are easily accessible. There is a clearly defined ring road for cars connecting the islands, and there is also a network of bicycle and pedestrian paths along the water.

Veenderij will eventually become a new residential zone that can be enjoyed from the water, and the beautiful Gelderse Valley landscape is also directly accessible via the jetty and from residents’ back yards.

Integrated services

urban design, landscape architecture