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Public Spaces Strategy, Cambridge

BDP’s urbanism team has won the contract to develop a new public spaces planning strategy for Cambridge, with the aspiration to create a world-class urban environment and green spaces in the city centre.

The strategy will take a long-term approach to the management of the city’s public spaces, including creating design principles for new or improved footpaths, cycleways and public areas. When finalised, it will form part of Cambridge City Council’s planning policy.

There are already locations across the city where constraints over road and/or footpath space is giving rise to conflicts between users, congestion and poor air quality and the aim is to deliver a ‘people centric’ strategy that steers and shapes future investment and decision making in a way which puts people and a sense of place at the heart of city life.

The initiative is jointly funded by the Greater Cambridge Partnership and Cambridge City Council. Engagement on the strategy will begin in 2018 followed by formal consultation with the aim of ratifying the strategy in 2019.