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Graphic Design

We provide a full range of communication design services, from identity to signage, wayfinding and environmental graphics”. Marc Jenkins, graphic design associate


From the logo to the lighting, from the reception desk to the floor directory, at BDP we aim to make the brand experience consistent and cohesive.

Signage and wayfinding is an integral part of the branding process; it literally defines the ‘personality’ of a development, communicates its core values and is fundamental in creating a unique sense of place.

Regardless of their size, buildings can be confusing places and our graphics team transforms customer journeys into three dimensions in ways that enriches both the space and the lives of those who interact with it.

Our firm’s interdisciplinary expertise and highly collaborative culture allows us to work closely with our colleagues in, for example architecture and interior design, to ensure that our designs are relevant and integrate harmoniously within the built environment.

Graphic Design Projects

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